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3 décembre 2016 6 03 /12 /décembre /2016 08:00


The White Shaman Mural

The White Shaman Mural

red over black; red over black; yellow over red; yellow over black; white over yellow.”

De la nécessité de la transdisciplinarité dans tous les domaines, de l’art aux sciences en passant par la « science » de l’imaginal et la spiritualité. Relecture du passé qui finalement nous est contemporain.

« La vie spirituelle n’est pas dans l’humain, c’est l’humain qui est en elle et c’est pour cela que nous nous permettons d’être une matrice s’imprégnant de son sujet. »

“They had a language far richer than our own when it comes to describing the stars and the landscape around them. … Same brain that put a man on the moon. They were just as cognitively capable as you and I.”

“In native America, those images, as soon as they are applied to the wall, they are living,”

Cosmologies have color schemes, and in Mesoamerica the colors red, black, white and yellow are freighted with densely layered associations. The cardinal directions are coded red/east, black/west, white/north, yellow/south. Red represents warmth: daytime, the sun, fire. Black represents cold: night, the moon, stars, water, the underworld.

the White Shaman mural offers a deeply complex tableau populated by five “stellar ancestors” who hold up the world; portals between earthly and celestial realms; star demons; centipede-like figures denoting the arrival of rain; and the Earth Mother, mother of all the gods, in avatar form as a catfish. 

We also climbed to the flats above Lewis Canyon, where bedrock is inscribed with hundreds of petroglyphs describing abstract shapes, human figures and, according to some interpretations, star maps. 

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