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La Forme Conditionne l ‘Etre dans nos Rapports au Monde.

L’Etre Conditionne la Forme dans le Monde des Rapports.

La logique, une question de symétrie ? Chiralité quand tu nous tiens, tu nous produis le pentateuque…

Comment sortir des religions en entrant en spiritualité ? Des logiques non binaires !

SGFLV :Symétrie Géométrie Forme Logique Vie, la preuve par 5 !


Naomi Mitchison’s Memoirs of a Spacewoman

Naomi Mitchison’s Memoirs of a Spacewoman

Wonders of numbers , Adventure in Mathematics, Mind and Minings. Clifford A.Pickover. Page 29


Five occurs in the symmetry of several creatures in science-fiction literature. For example, Naomi Mitchison’s Memoirs of a Spacewoman describes « Radiates, » intelligent 5-armed creatures resembling starfish. They live in villages composed of long, low buildings decorated with fungi that grow in spiral patterns. Radiates don’t think in terms of dualities, having instead a 5-valued system of logic.

Five-fold symmetrical organs are sometimes described in science-fiction stories. For example, the Old Ones in H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness are incredibly tough and durable creatures, having characteristics of both plants and animals. They also possess an extraordinary array of senses to help them survive. Hairlike projections and eyes on stalks at the top of their heads permit vision. The colorful, prismatic hairs seem to supplement the vision of the eyes, and in the absence of visible light, the species is able to « see » using the hairs. Their complex nervous system and 5-lobed brains process senses other than the huma nones of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. When the Old Ones open their eyes and fully retract their eye-lods, virtually the entire surface of the eye is apparent.


La logique est elle associée à la forme ?

Metalangue ou pentalangue? Il y a deux branches de trop!

Metalangue ou pentalangue? Il y a deux branches de trop!

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